A Snow Spotted Landscape at Great Sand Dunes National Park - The March Print of The Month.

In January, I mentioned I made a trip back to Great Sand Dunes National Park. On that particular trip I was able to find the exact location where I photographed my first images at the sand dunes 24 years earlier. Since then, I have looked for a break in my schedule to get back to Great Sand Dunes National Park to photograph the landscape during the winter months. 

Snow adds a certain contrast dimension to black and white landscape photography. It changes the look and feel of a piece of land by covering up, accenting, or simply contrasting the ore permanent surroundings. Snow, also, is so temporal and dynamic that one location can look a thousand different ways based on the quantity of it and how long it has been in a certain spot. 

This past month I was able to make it out to Great Sand Dunes after a recent snowfall across Colorado.  The snow on the dunes had already melted in some areas, been blown into drifts, and took on the characteristics of the sand itself. This made for some beautiful photography and I am grateful I was able to capture the dunes and Mt. Herard at such a moment. I will be printing one these images in a large canvas format of 5 ft. by 7 ft. You can see it in person at my opening April 2, 2015 at my Denver studio as part of the Month of Photography Biennial. 

I am offering three of the images I captured as the Print of The Month. You can get these new images at the Print of The Month sale pricing now through the end of March.