January Print Of The Month: Artifacts of The Dust Bowl Days

There have been many stories and images from the Dust Bowl days of the 1930’s. There was the devastation to the landscape brought on by a transformation of the Grasslands into a resource they were never intended to supply. I am presenting six images that acutely capture the leftovers of that landscape, accented by artifacts from the Dust Bowl days.  Landscape photography is not limited to the art of the natural environment but can be transformed by found objects in the things we leave behind.


A similar example would my photography of Union Station the iconic Denver landmark that was pretty much the same as it had been for nearly 100 years. There was an artistic beauty as it was transformed from back then to today. 

Each image tells a story on its own, and together they present a complex narrative of our Grasslands history. You can pick up one – or all six – before the end of January. View the rest over at the .