Yellowstone National Park – A Black and White Photographers Paradise

I have photographed in Yellowstone National Park four to five times since 1997, mostly during the winter with some spring and late October visits. I am never disappointed by the landscape and the buffalo that make up this spectacular treasure of a national park. 

The weather is very severe and very dramatic, creating amazing shadows and light throughout. It is the first and only place I've focused on wildlife. My first trip there was in the winter and the buffalo were just there at home, slow moving in the winter landscape. They sleep where the ground is warm near the geothermal activity. You see them get up in the morning huddled on warm ground. Nearby geysers and hot water create an incredible visual atmosphere. 

My most recent Print of The Month is two, never-seen-before prints from a 2003 winter shoot in Yellowstone. During this particular visit the weather was changing so dramatically – it would be a blizzard one minute and clear skies the next – that I didn't have to wait long to take a completely different image of the same landscape.

You can purchase these images for another two weeks as the Print of The Month. Each is image is hand made from film to silver gelatin archival prints. Make sure to view the rest of my Yellowstone portfolio. All images are available for purchase in a dynamic range of sizes.